The Idea of a Startup: Theory and Practice

Startups are becoming fashionable by the day and they are easily the need of the hour. In this programme, the learner participates in exploring the world of startups through various examples and case histories.

  • Each participant shall come forth to explain their interpretation of a startup and illustrate that with an example.
  • Through the discussions of these examples the participants shall arrive at a common working definition of a startup.
  • The learners shall identify some well-known success stories of startups and shall through self-discovery try and identify the reasons for their success.
  • In a similar vein the learners shall identify and analyse startups that ended up as being failures.
  • From all these examples the learners shall-within their own groups-formulate pathways for creating successful startups that shall include strategies for financial and marketing plans as well as plans for day to day management and for attracting financial support.
  • Each member of each group shall be asked to identify a functioning business within their locality and asses if it fits into the mould of a startup at the time when it had commenced its operations.
  • Each group shall come up with a practical idea for a startup and discuss a strategy for its launch and success.
  • The groups shall identify factors that make startups successful and search the web to produce authentic data to support the identification of these factors that make startups successful.