School Mathematics for Grade VI Made Friendly: For Parents

This learning programme is designed to assist parents, in an interactive and hands-on manner, to:

  • Grasp the nuances of mathematics in their child’s curriculum.
  • Create greater awareness and interest for themselves.
  • Assist their child to work on project based learning with her peers and with them

Parents will be required to participate along with their children in most of the sessions.

Here is an illustration: Learning about parallel lines in Std. VI

Here parents will be taken through the following steps:

  • Discover the concept of parallel lines by searching on the Internet for the meaning and examples of parallel lines.
  • Discover and discuss some uses of the idea of parallel lines
  • Demonstrate why and how the rays of the Sun become parallel by the time they reach the earth through a simple experiment.
  • Research on the net and do a comparative preliminary first impression based report on the better websites that explain the problem and its solution.
  • The group then votes for the best website and then follows the instructions of the website and performs an actual physical experiment through a process of step-by-step discovery leading to the calculation of the circumference of the Earth

In a similar fashion some other simple projects are undertaken under a mentor to perform similar experiments such as to figure out the distances to the Moon and to the Sun. Another such experiment shall involve the discovery of the height of a building without actually measuring the height.

The following topics shall be covered:

  • Parallel lines and their uses.
  • Measuring distances in space.
  • Measuring heights of buildings without actually measuring them.
  • Playing with numbers.
  • Understanding fractions and their uses in our daily lives.
  • Learning to teach these topics to their child.

Teachers shall be taken through the same topics but through a more comprehensive approach that presents these topics with a little extra depth and variety.