Nutrition For Pregnant And Nursing Mothers

It is true that a great deal has been written about what mums-to-be should eat when carrying the baby in the womb. Many of these facts may be as old as the hills, however, they may still need to be emphasized and put into the modern day perspective. Of course, there are also the myths galore on this subject that need to be addressed time and again.

The most frequently asked questions from would be mothers are:

  • How is the pregnancy diet different from a healthy diet?
  • Do I have to double my food intake, as one has to cater to the needs of a growing baby in the womb?

What you eat during pregnancy has an impact on not just your baby but also on your baby’s baby i.e. the many future generations. Poor nutrition (both inadequacy and excesses) takes more than one generation to correct. Therefore, your diet during pregnancy deserves attention and if, for some reason, you have neglected your diet, this is the best time to turn a new leaf.