Managing Weight and Wellness

In the present day scenario, weight management has become an entity of its own. However, this is a very lopsided view and approach, which is not conducive to overall wellbeing.

Weight is connected with wellness and an individual plan to achieve both- healthy weight as well as wellbeing- needs to be charted out.

Today, most slimming centres make you lose weight but at the cost of losing your overall strength, stamina and many essential nutrients.

A healthy weight is linked to eating habits that promote a sense of physical and psychological wellbeing. Healthy eating is all about including a vast variety of foods in one’s diet (fruits, vegetables, cereals etc.) and eating according to one’s individual needs and preferences. No one kind of food is universally good or bad, but more often than not, every kind of food taken in small quantities reaps some health benefit or the other. Managing weight and wellness is also about eating at regular intervals of time, taking meals at appropriate hours, not skipping meals etc.

Therefore, manage your weight the healthy way and let it be a pleasant experience.