Making Movies: The Power of the Smartphone

Ever wanted to be a movie director or a cinematographer or simply a documentary filmmaker? This is the learning programme for you!

Not convinced? Want to know what a mobile made movie would look like? Watch Tangerine; directed by Sean Baker and shot entirely on an iPhone. Watch Trailer:


  • A smartphone (preferably with a 13 MP camera or higher)
  • Ability to work individually and in teams
  • Absolute eagerness to use hands and feet
  • Burning desire to make marvelous movies

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn how to make movies with your smartphone camera.
  • Attain practical expertise in the essentials of movie making, with both smartphones and with professional cameras.

Getting Started:

The first two modules shall enable the participants to get field experience on techniques such as:

  • Shooting in horizontal mode and shooting at angles and from heights
  • Using light to advantage
  • Identifying locations
  • Learning to focus and using additional low priced attachments
  • Stabilizing the camera
  • Audio techniques through inexpensive attachments
  • Designing and using music effects for the movie on the smartphone
  • Editing for sound and dubbing on the smartphone
  • Using various apps for enhancing the shooting and the editing
  • Editing the movie using Open Source and premium editing software and web application
  • Useful media storage tools (formats, conversion, compression, cloud storage)

In the third and final module, the participant shall work with a group of other participants to make movies involving elements such as story, script, filming, and editing. The movies created will be screened at our Annual Film Festival in December, 2017.