Making Technology work for you

In this day and age when being tech savvy should be second nature. "Making Technology work for you" programme provides you the exact the skill sets that will make you tech literate and comfortable with the use of technology.

The mentor will be present to facilitate the activities and to intervene at crucial junctures, while allowing the participants to bring their own ideas and experiences to the fore.

 The programme allows for anyone who wishes to gain from this style of learning to be a participant. The mentor will be someone who is relatively experienced and has insights to offer in the realm on how to use various tools to make your life easier

Making use of an online platform, the programme allows for the group (participants and mentor) to meet four times a week—remotely—at a time convenient for all.

The programme will be broadly divided into four units and instead of traditional learning materials, the programme will make use such tools and resources that will enable thinking and learning.

  • Using search engine effectively and finding reliable data

In this day and age where anyone can hardly survive without Google. The art of phrasing the queries effectively to find the information. In this pool of information, we are at sea at what to pick and what to loose.To be precise, the skill to find the reliable information among other information is not only feather in cap but need of hour. 

  • Building projects from ideation to publishing

Create your website or online store or Android application. Understand the basics of project development and how to develop and refine the idea along with the skills to publish.  Providing hands on approach to the knowledge,

  • Gain the knack to handle social media handles
  • Staying with the times, digital awareness