In this fast paced life that we are leading today, students- particularly those staying away from home- are prone to stress related problems.

Issues such as stress, anxiety, relationship issues, drug and alcohol abuse, career choice, difficulty in concentration, feelings of sadness and helplessness, relationship issues and the like are just some of the problems one has to cope with.

There are many ways in which one can cope with such issues and the simplest one is to talk to a counsellor who will listen to you, attend to your problem without judging you, and offer another way of looking at the problem. Remember that the counsellor cannot make the problem disappear but can definitely make you feel stronger and more equipped to handle it.

The aim of such counselling is to make you feel better and help you cope with the situation in such a way that you feel better and your self worth and awareness improves.

Counselling: Easing Concern and Anguish

Career Counselling: Bringing Clarity