Why should I opt for an Open Badge?
An Open Badge encourages participation and learning outcomes and serves as a milestone throughout a course. It captures skills, especially those that are ignored by formal channels. It unlocks opportunities by standing out from the crowd.
How do I earn an Open Badge?
You can earn Open Badges from over 3000 organizations across the world who want to recognize new ways of learning. The Internet College issues you an Open Badge on your successful completion of any of its courses, validating your skills and achievements.
How do I use my Open Badges?
You can collect multiple Open Badges from various issuers, including The Internet College, and integrate them into your social & business accounts and portfolios. You can then easily share them with opportunity providers to give a verifiable record of your skills and experience.
How do I share my open badges ?
Open Badges can be shared on any of the following platforms:
  • Blogs, websites, ePortfolios, and professional networks
  • Job applications
  • Social media sites - Twitter, Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn
  • Email signature